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Great care has been put into our science projects to provide the young student of today with the basic knowledge of the scientific principles of our world. Try not to have fun - We dare you!

Welcome to experiland science projects and science experiments

Welcome to our lab, fellow scientist!

Whether you are a parent or a student trying to find an idea for a science project, a teacher looking for ideas for the classroom, or just a science enthusiast who enjoys the delight of experimentation - welcome, you have come to the right place!

Enjoy and learn about the amazing world of science with our database of over 300 fun, tried and tested science projects that are sure to surprise and amaze you! Experiland offers fascinating hands-on science projects in a variety of science experiment e-book ranges that is suitable for elementary and middle school children that are safe to do.

Science certainly does not need to be complicated formulas, heavy text books and geeky guys in white lab coats with thick glasses. Learn about science in the best possible way – by doing things yourself!

Science project and science experiment books for all grades

Featured science project e-books

Science projects and science experiments books for kids by subject

The Mad Scientist range of science books

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Science projects and science experiments books for grades 1 to 8

Fun and Easy Science projects books

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Science experiments and science projects categorized by time required

Last Minute Science experiments books

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Science experiments and projects for elementary and middle school students

Selected Science Experiments - Sample

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Science projects and science experiments for students and children grade 1 to 8

For Students

Science can be real simple and is actually only about understanding the world you live in! Make a winning science fair project, and have fun doing it too! Choose a project that interests you, and you may learn how to project sound waves on a wall with an oscilloscope, construct a Paper Plane to see how objects fly, make pulleys, levers and gears to experiment with mechanics, and create a telegraph machine to learn about electricity and magnetism.

Use our science project e-books to find inspiration for your science fair project. Stop wasting time by sitting in your room frantically worrying about your science fair project deadline, and start having a fun learning experience today!

Science experiments and science projects for parents of elementary and middle school children

For Parents

Science projects are an extremely effective way of encouraging your child to engage in exciting hands-on learning experiences. By making fun gadgets and gizmos such as a kaleidoscope, intruder detector, rain alarm, fruit powered battery and many more, they will not only have fun, but they will also learn about the scientific method, pose questions and analyse results.

The Experiland collection of science experiment e-books were especially designed to be used by parents and children simultaneously and is a fun way for busy families to spend valuable 'together-time'! Start today by investing in your child's future and choose from over 300 science projects, conveniently categorized by the time required to complete!

science projects and science experiments for elementary and middle school teachers

For Teachers

With Experiland's science project e-books, you are sure to find a project that interests you and your students. When doing our science experiments with your students, you will infuse in them a real understanding, admiration, even a passion for science.

Experiland's science books contain a diverse range of over 300 science projects, and features subjects like Chemistry, Earth science and Astronomy, Electricity and magnetism, Life sciences and Physics. We make lesson preparation easy with a complete listing of required materials, step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the project, why it works and additional information on the subject. Be the best teacher you can be, and start cultivating curious young minds today!

Experiland featured science projects and science experiments

Featured science projects


Grow your own crystals along a piece of string

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Measure the height of your school with the use of the sun

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Build a Franklin bells device for detecting high voltage lightning storms

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why purchase experiland science projects and science experiments

So what makes Experiland's science project e-books so great?

  • All our e-books contains plenty of original colourful illustrations written in easy to understand language specifically for each grade (All terms are defined)
  • Experiments follow a scientific method with detailed step-by-step guide how to proceed from start to finish.
  • A list with playful thumbnail pictures of all items required per project. Most items are ordinary household items and others can be purchased inexpensively at a local store.
  • All our science experiments have been tested to work and have a fully explained 'Why it works' section for each science project.
  • Each science project has a 'Learn more' section with relevant information and fun science facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you!
  • Our science experiments are aimed at grades 1 to 8, with subjects divided into 5 five colour coded main categories: Chemistry, Earth science & astronomy, Electricity & magnetism, Life sciences and Physics!
  • Save many hours of searching for suitable ideas with our huge database of more than 300 science experiments in every field of basic science.
  • Great suggestions for your kid's science fair projects that take from a few minutes to a few weeks! Our science projects are neatly organized and can be browsed by category, grade, difficulty level and time required to complete.
  • INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOKS (No need to wait days for your book to arrive in the mail.)
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