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Experiland is a multi-award winning e-learning resource

Since the launch of the Experiland website and our science e-book products in 2010, Experiland’s unique approach focused on stimulating, educating and improving the learning experience for young science students while, at the same time, instilling a sense of responsible and safe acting has earned us high recognition amongst industry leading educational institutions.

Our science education e-products helps develop science skills by allowing students to classify objects, make calculated observations, think laterally, and recording data accurately. Students are taught reputable values and respect for life and that interference with ecological systems and natural processes should not occur thoughtlessly and rather be avoided as far as possible! When students are taking part in science experiments, they learn about the scientific method, they pose questions and analyse results. Science experiments are an excellent tool for developing critical thinking skills that kids can apply throughout their lives in future.

At Experiland, we’re proud of our achievements. Whether it’s a team award or an individual honor, we like to let people know about our recognition in the industry. Recognized for its content and commitment to excellence in the education industry, has been highlighted as an exemplary educational product by the following industry leading educational websites:

HOWTOLEARN.COM – Top 101 Best educational website award 2011

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Pat Wyman’s credentials are impeccable as a K-12 teacher with former school administrative experience, university instructor of reading and education, reading specialist, literacy advocate who testifies on school vision screening legislation. Pat frequently appears in the media and is regularly asked to review and endorse quality educational products and programs, making her an ideal spokesperson and an authority in the educational product field.

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HOMESCHOOL.COM – Top 100 Best educational product award 2012 is the #1 homeschooling site on the Internet, is named one of the Web’s Best Sites for 2009 by Encyclopedia Britannica, and is one of the top 45 sites overall, according to Forbes Magazine. has over 2.5 million unique visitors and over 8 million page views per year with over 100,000 subscribers to’s e-Newsletter. Every year ask their readers to nominate their favorite educational websites—the websites they use regularly in their every day homeschooling activities. They then compile the list and publish it online.

The Top 100 Educational Websites of 2012 was announced in February 2012 and we at Experiland feel honored to have been selected for this prestigious award. Thank you for recognizing us!

  • "Great array of science experiments!"
    “Very thorough and easy to follow. Some of the sections of the experiments are not available unless you purchase their e-books but we feel is well worth it! - the #1 homeschooling site on the Internet (named by Encyclopedia Britannica)”
    Ann Simpson -
  • "I am a big fan of anything that makes learning fun for kids and adults of all ages!"
    "If you’re a parent and you want to do something with your kid that isn’t related to cleaning the toilets or forging through homework, check out Experiland’s great science projects that you can complete in the confines of your humble abode."
    Rebecca Allison – Elementary school teacher, UK -
  • "Great fun for young scientists!"
    " is proud to recommend this great website and online resource for curious young scientists! Hellokids is one of the most popular kids' education websites in the world." - Operated by Cobalink US Inc.
  • "Absolutely love Experiland!"
    "Hundreds of science topics for even the most inquiring minds. The full worksheets is nicely laid out with illustrations. The go-to science fair resource right at your fingertips throughout the year! is proud to award Experiland as one the Best Educational Websites 2011!"
    Pat Wyman - America's Most Trusted Learning Expert -
  • "Highly Recommended"
    "Experiland covers a wide variety of topics, making learning fun and entertaining! Some of the exciting experiments include, building a Franklin Bell device for detecting high voltage lightning storms or growing your own crystals on a piece of string!"
    TEACH Magazine - | Canada
  • "Great Resource!"
    "Experiland's science books contain a diverse range of hundreds of science projects for kids professionally designed by science teachers. They make lesson preparation easy with a complete listing of required materials, step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the project, why it works and additional information on the subject."
    Homeschool Coach -
  • "Fun & educational all at the same time!"
    "This website and online store offers well researched, hands-on science projects in a variety of science subjects aimed at young people. A great source of kids’ science information indeed! Supporting our nation’s brightest young people."
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