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  • Test and compare electrical insulators opposed to magnetic insulators

    A magnetic insulator shield magnetic fields, and do not let magnetism affect objects on the other side of the...

  • Make a wire spring jump up and down with electro-magnetism

    In this science experiment, you will use the power of electric current to make a thin wire coil behave...

  • Learn about sending Morse code signals with your own telegraph

    With this device messages could be sent over a far distance instantly and this was only the starting block...

  • Have fun picking up metal objects with your own electromagnet

    In this science experiment you will be learning more about the relationship between electrical current and magnetism by making...

  • Make a face with an electro-magnetic wire

    In this science experiment we will be learning more about the relationship between electricity, electrical current, magnets and the...

  • Learn how to generate electricity by means of induction

    Michael Faraday, an English scientist, accidentally discovered that instead of creating magnetism in a conductor through which electricity flows,...