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  • Make your own electrical light bulb

    When electrical current is passed through the filament, the resistance builds up so much heat that it starts to...

  • Use Ohms law to determine a rheostat’s resistance by measuring voltage

    This resistor arrangement is called a 'voltage divider' circuit. In the following science experiment, use a voltage divider circuit...

  • Compare how a circuit is affected by resistors in series versus parallel

    Depending on how resistors are included in such a circuit or 'loop', it would reduce and affect the current...

  • Demonstrate how resistance in an electrical conduit can produce heat

    Pass electrical current through a 'nichrome' wire to test if the side closest to the negative pole of a...

  • Make a working rheostat to control the flow of electrical current

    A 'rheostat' simply works by passing electrical current through a poor conductor as you will see in this science...