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Energy & Power

  • Launch a powerful rocket using water pressure

    There are many different ways in which a rocket can be propelled, for instance by: air pressure, burning fuel...

  • Make a tin can that will comeback like a boomerang

    Elastic energy is the potential energy stored in a material when its shape is changed. This potential energy can...

  • Make a simple water turbine to produce ‘hydro’ power

    Many of the world's most powerful machines are driven by the power of water. In the days of our...

  • Drive a paddle boat with the energy stored in an elastic band

    Make a 'rotor-propelled' paddle boat that is driven by the elastic energy stored in a rubber band. In this...

  • Study how a water turbine works with a milk carton

    In ancient times, falling water was used to drive a type of turbine, called a 'water wheel' to produce...

  • Make a spool ‘walk’ with the energy stored in an elastic band

    Two types of energy exist: kinetic energy is the energy of moving objects and potential energy is stored energy...