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Forces & Motion

  • Investigate how a pendulum works

    A 'Pendulum' is a rod or a string with a weight called a 'bob' on the end. Pendulums are often used in clocks. They swing right and left at a constant rate, so they make the clockwork mechanism move...

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  • Tie water in knots with the power of surface tension

    Water flowing out of a tap in a steady stream forms a smooth tube due to 'surface tension'. In the following experiment, let's study how multiple thin streams of water next to each other can be manipulated.

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  • Learn about inertia and how it affect objects

    All objects resist any change to its current state of motion. This is called the 'inertia' of an object and it is equivalent to the mass of the object. Study the inertia of a coin in this science experiment.

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