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  • Make some gears out of cardboard to learn how they work

    'Gears' are special toothed wheels of varying sizes that work together in a set. Gears can work together to make things turn or work more quickly or more slowly. When a large gear wheel turn once, it can turn...

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  • Balance forks on a string with the science of levers

    A see-saw is a type of lever and you may have noticed that if you and a friend sit in a certain way on a see-saw, you can balance each other's weight just right so that neither of you...

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  • Have some fun with the science of levers

    Machines help us do 'work' by exerting a push or a pull force on an object. 'Work' is done when such an object 'moves' as a result of the pushing or pulling force. Let's have some fun with a...

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  • Learn about an object’s centre of gravity

    The steadiness of an object depends on how its weight is distributed. In order to successfully balance an object one must find its 'centre of gravity'. Try the following science experiment to see if you can find the 'centre...

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  • Learn about levers with this simple experiment

    A 'lever' is one of the earliest and simplest machines known to mankind. A 'lever' consists of a rigid board or bar that is supported at a set or 'fixed' point, called a 'fulcrum'. Let's put a simple 'lever'...

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