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Fun Educational games on Google Play Store


Tap-a-Tile: Guess the Picture

The object of Tap-a-Tile is to guess the picture obscured by the tiles on the board. Tap on a tile to remove it and gradually reveal a larger part of the hidden picture. To gain the maximum score and coin reward, try to guess the picture / photo by removing as little tiles as possible.

Maze Mind – Can you escape?

Maze Mind is the ultimate 2D escape the maze puzzle game on Android! This exciting maze game contains various classic ‘escape in time’ mazes with varying difficulty. There are also several adventure maze game sets with exciting twists and surprises to keep you entertained for many hours!

BOXlogic – Think outside the box

BOXlogic is a fun but hard logic puzzle game. The concept is simple, but this puzzle game will require you to constantly think outside the box and apply your brilliant mind to get the levels solved. The game starts off with some relatively easy levels, but there are a lot of extremely difficult puzzles to solve that will keep you thinking for many hours! If you love pushing your brain and are not intimidated by a challenging logic puzzles, this one is for you!

Think Numbers – Brain busting riddles

Think Numbers is a hard riddle game about recognizing the role a specific number play in general life. The game contains 100 levels with each level a riddle corresponding to the level number. Can you spot the significance of each number from 1 to 100 in this ultimate brain busting quiz?

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