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About e-books in general

  • So what exactly is an e-Book?
    Put simply, E-Books are electronic books that can be read with free software on a computer screen or printed out to paper. Our E-Books are supplied in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF) that you can download for free and store on your PC. E-Books offer a high level of interactivity not possible in print editions. This makes E-Books the perfect medium for our science project and experiment guides; because you can immediately search or skip to information or resources at exactly the moment you need them.
  • Do I need special software or hardware to read the science experiment e-Books?

    All you need is your PC, laptop or hand held device and the free Reader software. Our E-Books are currently only offered in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is free of charge to download. Get the latest version from

  • Can I print and copy my purchased e-Books?
    Yes, all our e-books are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) with full printing enabled. You could print out the entire book or only the section you require if you like before you attempt an experiment.
  • Can I download my purchased e-Books onto my hand held device and read them offline?
    Yes, this does however depend on which operating system your hand held device is running and you will have to have compatible free PDF reader software installed on the system. Once the book is downloaded onto your device, you can read them offline anytime anywhere! Any system that can view PDF files will be able to view our e-books.
  • Once I have purchased my Experiland E-Book, will it always be available?

    Yes, once you have purchased the E-Book it is yours to keep forever. After purchase, the book is downloaded to your local hard drive in (PDF) format and you may, print and copy to different devices as you please. Remember, the books are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity that has purchased it. Please note that any disclosure, copying, distribution, publishing, selling and reproduction to other parties are strictly prohibited and are unlawful.

Experiland e-Book Advantages

  • Do you also offer regular paper versions of your science books?
    Unfortunately, due to the high costs of printing and worldwide shipping, we currently only offer our science books as downloadable e-books.
  • Why are e-Books better than regular paper books?
    • E-Books are cheaper than paper books and you can build a whole library of our digital fun science experiment books.
    • Instantly available worldwide - just download the eBook, read it on screen or print it out instead of waiting for 'snail mail'. Our science experiment e-books take only a minutes or two to download.
    • E-books are very convenient. You can download your science experiment e-book onto a portable reading device before you start with an experiment that requires you to be mobile, or just print out the entire book or only the section you require.
  • What are the advantages of purchasing an Experiland science experiment e-book?
    • Each book contains plenty of original colorful illustrations. Easy to understand language written specifically for each grade. (All terms are defined)
    • Experiments follow a scientific method with detailed step-by-step guide how to proceed from start to finish.
    • A list with playful thumbnail pictures of all items required per project. (Most items are ordinary household items and others can be purchased inexpensively at a local store.)
    • All our science experiments have been tested to work.
    • Fully explained 'Why it works' section for each science project
    • Each science project has a 'Learn more' section with relevant information and fun science facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you!
    • >Our science experiments are aimed at grades 1 to 8, with subjects divided into 5 five colour coded main categories: Chemistry, Earth science & astronomy, Electricity & magnetism, Life sciences and Physics!
    • Save many hours of searching for suitable ideas with our huge database of more than 300 science experiments in every field of basic science.
    • Great suggestions for your kid's science fair projects that take from a few minutes to a few weeks!
    • Our science projects are neatly organized and can be browsed by category, grade, difficulty level and time required to complete.
  • What makes your e-books different from the free science experiments hosted on your website?
    • Each science project has a comprehensive 'Why it works' section.
    • Each science experiment has an interesting 'Learn more' section with additional relevant facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you!
    • Each science experiment has a Glossary with relevant main terms.
    • All the content in the PDF format e-book are easily printable. (Print the entire book, or only the experiment that you are currently interested in!)
    • Pleasing, easy to understand layouts with no advertisements.
    • You can build up your own Experiland digital library of science books!

General and After Sale Support

  • Can I try an Experiland science experiment E-Book sample before I make a purchase?

    Yes, we offer a free sample so that you may know exactly what to expect before you purchase one of our science experiment e-books. Our free sample e-book contains 5 free science projects, one from each of our main categories for you to peruse at your leisure. You can expect the same level of quality and informative content in all of our science experiment e-books, but with over 300 additional science projects in 30 sub-categories aimed at grades 1 to 8 to try out! View sample

  • What general and after sale support do you offer?

    We offer fast & efficient email support always within 8 hours but usually in much less time depending on your time zone. We constantly strive to provide our members with the best possible user experience. If you have any difficulty at all downloading or using our e-books, simply e-mail us and we'll gladly help you out! Unfortunately we do not offer telephonic support.

  • What are my payment options?
    We accept American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, Diners Club, and JCB credit cards through our payment processor. You will have to complete a simple two step process in which your payment credit card and billing address are set up to purchase one or more of our e-books. All the prices on the Experiland website are quoted in US Dollars.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card?
    Yes, we use the latest encryption technology to keep your information safe.
  • How are the e-Books delivered?
    Once your secure payment has been authorized (which typically takes a few seconds), you'll be re-directed to a private web page where your e-book will be ready for immediate download. To begin downloading, simply click on the download link. Once the download has finished, simply go to the folder where you saved it, and double-click the icon to open the book.
  • How long does it take to download an e-Book?
    The speed of the download depends largely on the size of the e-book in question and the speed of your Internet connection. Typically, the download should only take a minute or two.
  • What is your refund policy?

    We are not happy when our customers are not happy, therefore we constantly strive to exceed our customers' expectations when it comes to our services and policies.

    Yes, Full refunds will be issued - no questions asked - in any of the following events:

    • A problem occurred with the download links and a customer were not able to download the e-book.
    • When a customer purchased the wrong product and would like to replace it for another e-book product of similar value.
    • A successful purchase was made but our system indicates that the download link(s) were not used.
    • Experiland will allow for a full refund of any purchase from our store within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase if our system indicates that the download link(s) have not been used.

    To claim a refund, please contact us stating your original Experiland order number (The 5 digit code) within the email and we will process your request within 24 hours.

    Kindly be aware that our e-books are in PDF format without any digital rights management (DRM) applied – The 'old-school' way. This means that once the e-book is downloaded it will never expire and you will have full rights to print & copy the content unlike regular e-books where DRM is in place. With this in mind, please understand that due to the digital, non-returnable nature of our products, we regret but refunds cannot be given for e-books already downloaded / used. We do however offer a free sample science experiment e-book available for download to view the quality, format and compatibility with your PDF reader to try out before you make any e-book purchases.

    We really want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase. If you are having any issue opening the PDF file, or have any questions, please submit a support ticket, we will do our best to resolve the problem.

  • What if I lose my E-Book, do I get a replacement?
    Unfortunately we do not offer replacements for lost books. It is your own responsibility to keep (Save) it in a safe place, just like a real book. When your download links have expired (2 weeks after purchase date), and our system indicates that links were successfully used to download the e-book products, we see the transaction as concluded. The onus will be on you to 'save' the file to your pc or device's memory and make regular backups.
  • What are my rights with regards to the use of the science experiments and e-books on this website?
    Please view the Terms of use page or have a look at our Privacy Policy.


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