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Find out what happens to liquid matter when it is heated

Suitable For

Grade 1



Time Required

 <2 Days



What’s it about?

All matter on earth comes in three forms: Solids, liquids and gases. Examples of solids are: Rock, wood or salt. Examples of liquids are: Milk, water or mercury as found in some thermometers. Examples of gases are: Oxygen or carbon dioxide and many other. In this science experiment we will investigate what happens when a liquid is heated:

Topics covered

Matter, Atoms, Ambient temperature

What will I need?


Procedure (Method)

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How does it work?

Unfortunately, this section is only available in the e-book version of the project.

All elements known to us are known as ‘matter’. All matter is built up out of very small particles known as ‘atoms’. All of these very small ‘atoms’ has energy and is constantly moving within a solid, liquid or gas. In solid matter the ‘atoms’ is in a very ‘relaxed’ state (they have little energy) and they move very slowly. In a liquid the atoms have slightly more energy and move slightly faster, whereas in gases they move the fastest and have the most energy.

When matter is heated, the atoms obtain more energy because heat is a form of energy hence the atoms will move faster. When the atoms move faster they need a bigger area to move around in and therefore the matter is ‘setting out’ (increase in size) to allow for this change. Similarly the water in the glass tube sets out when heated by the candle’s flame. As it’s atoms gains energy they move around faster and need more space to move around in.

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