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Hold a match under an inflated baloon without bursting it

Suitable For

Grade 5



Time Required

 <12 Hours



What’s it about?

Balloons are a lot of fun and always cheer people up. They are also rather fragile things, and must be kept away from sharp objects to keep them from rupturing. A balloon also needs to be kept away from open flames as a fire can weaken the thin rubber easily, and causing it to burst. However, in this experiment you will find out how you can hold a balloon directly in a flame without breaking the balloon:

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What will I need?


Procedure (Method)

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How does it work?

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In this science experiment, the rubber of the balloon without water (Balloon 1) becomes so hot, that the rubber skin becomes too weak to resist the pressure of the air inside the balloon. When cold water is placed inside the second balloon and the match is held under it, the rubber resists the flame and does not burst. The elastic skin of the balloon resists the heat from the flame because the water absorbs most of the heat from the flame, preventing the balloon to become overly hot. Because the rubber does not become hot, it does not weaken, and the balloon does not break.

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