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Learn how osmosis work with salt water and a potato

Suitable For

Grade 1



Time Required

 <2 Days



What’s it about?

Potato cells holds a lot of water which makes a raw slice of potato feel nice and crisp or rigid. We can easily take the water out of the potato through a process called ‘osmosis’, as you will learn in the following science experiment:

Topics covered


What will I need?

  • SALT

Procedure (Method)

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How does it work?

Unfortunately, this section is only available in the e-book version of the project.

When a slice of raw potato, which holds a lot of water, is submerged in salt water, the cells in the potato slice undergo a process called ‘osmosis’. Osmosis means that water flows from an area where there is more water to an area where there is less water. Because salt water holds less ‘pure’ water than the insides of the potato cells, water flows out of the cells into the salt water solution, leaving the potato slice soggy and soft.

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