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Re-light a candle by igniting the smoke with a flame

Suitable For

Grade 5



Time Required

 <1 Hour



What’s it about?

Amaze your friends with your stunning candle act. You can light the candle without touching the wick in the following science experiment:

Topics covered

Smoke, Carbon dioxide, Oxygen

What will I need?


Procedure (Method)

Unfortunately, this section is only available in the e-book version of the project.

How does it work?

Unfortunately, this section is only available in the e-book version of the project.

This science experiment works because smoke contains a lot of the unburnt fuel. Smoke is generally seen from fires that are not burning very efficiently because it does not consume all of the fuel as it burns. Efficient fires do not produce smoke. Fire needs three things to burn: oxygen, a fuel source, and ignition (heat).

The smoke from the blown out candle in this experiment is fuel consisting of vaporized wax, and as it travels upwards it mixes with the oxygen in the air (two of the things necessary for things to burn). When you light the smoke with a match, you re-introduce the heat, which completes the three necessary parts of fire, and the candle is lit once again.

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