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Have you ever thought about what happens when your mother prepares a glass of chocolate milk for you? She is actually causing chemicals to react with one another to form a new substance! Have you ever rubbed your feet on the living room carpet to give your brother or sister a surprising shock? This way, you are using your body as a conductor of static electricity! Have you ever watched ants in an ant farm hard at work to collect and store food in their nests? When doing this you are observing the behaviour of a species in their natural habitat.

Science can be real simple and is actually only about understanding the world you live in! Science certainly does not need to be complicated formulas, heavy text books and geeky guys in white lab coats with thick glasses. Doing science experiments are all about testing and getting results, even if you get a surprising result than you might not have expected. But remember, even if things don’t work out as you would have hoped, a good scientist is constantly asking: Why? Science is in fact only an organized system created by people to gather and store information. We use it as a way to define and understand the world we live in!

Curious much?

Have you ever been curious how a telescope brings objects closer or how cameras take pictures? How boats float or aeroplanes fly? All of these seemingly complicated things can be explained by basic science. With Experiland’s science experiments, you will construct many weird, wonderful and wacky gizmos that you can have hours of fun with!

You will project sound waves on a wall with an oscilloscope to understand how sound travels, construct a Paper Plane to see how objects fly, make pulleys, levers and gears to experiment with mechanics, and create a telegraph machine to learn about electricity and magnetism. Other fun experiments include making a kaleidoscope, periscope, intruder detector, rain alarm, foxhole radio, fruit powered battery, homemade perfume, lava lamp, invisible ink, water turbine, insect trap, water clock, water purifier, compass, astrolabe, depth indicator, barometer and many, many more! When making these gadgets, you’ll discover that science is a part of every object in our daily lives, and who knows; maybe someday you will become a famous inventor too!

Have fun and learn while doing

You can read all the books on music and guitars in the world, but that won’t make you a great guitar player. You have to actually practise with a guitar to get it right! It is easiest to figure things out by getting your hands ‘dirty’ by doing! Science works exactly the same way. Yes, you can learn a lot in science class or by doing homework, but there’s nothing quite as much fun as learning by getting your hands dirty doing some science experiments.

Science experiments are an awesome part of science that allows you to engage in cool and exciting hands on learning experiences that you are sure to enjoy and remember! By working through our science experiments, you will learn about science in the best possible way – by doing things yourself. Most of the items you will need for the experiments, such as jars, aluminium foil, scissors and sticky tape, you can find around your home. Others, such as magnets, lenses or a compass, you will be able to buy quite cheaply at a hobby shop or hardware store.

Quick and easy science fair projects

Many of the activities in our science e-books can serve as the starting point for a science fair project. Let’s face it; between tennis practice, ballet lessons and maths homework, you hardly have any time to think of a creative science project for the fast approaching science fair! What are you going to do?

Use our science project e-books to find inspiration for your science fair project. Our science projects are neatly categorized by the time required to complete and they range from taking only a couple of hours to projects that may require up to a month to complete. Each experiment also offers a wide range of additional information and fun science facts that are sure to surprise and amaze you. Stop wasting time by sitting in your room frantically worrying about your science fair project deadline. Use our projects to choose an exciting topic that you are interested in and start today to complete your science fair project in no time at all!

About Experiland science books

We have a huge library of over 300 science projects designed for young students from grade 1 to 8. The projects contained in our science books cover a wide range of scientific topics; from Chemistry and electricity to life sciences and physics… there are even experiments on earth science, astronomy and geology! With Experiland’s science project e-books, you are sure to find a project that interests you. When you are interested in a certain science topic, you will have more fun, and you’ll learn more, too!

Try not to have fun with our tried and tested science experiments. We dare you!

Science project ebooks for kids

Experiland’s science e-books contain a diverse range of several hundred of exciting science projects, ideas and experiments.

A project introduction and background, complete listing of required materials, step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the project, why it works, learn more section, as well as a science glossary with all the relevant terms make up each of the all-inclusive science project worksheets in our e-books!

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