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  • Prevent the inside of an apple from oxidizing with lemon juice

    When the inside of an apple is exposed to air, a process called oxidation occurs, turning the apple brown. In this science experiment we will use lemon juice to slow down the oxidation process.

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  • Mummify an orange

    Mummies have been found all over the world including the Aztecs in Peru in South America and as far east as China. 'Natron' is a natural salt that was used in the mummification process to dry out the bodies'...

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  • Prove that green plants need light to survive

    All green plants need sunlight to make their 'food' to thrive and survive, without it, they will die. Without green plants, all life on earth would be unable to survive, as all living things feed on plants or animals...

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  • Learn how osmosis work with salt water and a potato

    Potato cells holds a lot of water which makes a raw slice of potato feel nice and crisp or rigid. We can easily take the water out of the potato through a process called 'osmosis', as you will learn...

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